About Us

Kisangates is a young and innovative startup with a motive to revolutionize agro sector through digital platforms that are synergistic with environment and business needs.

Why Kisangates?

We see problems persist in agricultural value chain and the solutions offered do not take USER centric approach, leaving most of solutions as raw or over engineered methods that are difficult for easy adoption and scale-up. We believe that the existing models needs to be refined with strategic approach to provide innovative desired solutions for companies, research institutions, channel players and growers.

Digitizing Go-To-Market

Integrating the key pillars of the GTM, field force, agro retailers and farmers! Planning, demand generation and sales driven by real-time ground insights.

Boosting Productivity

Rational Decision Vs Intuitive Thinking! Decisions come easily when you are able to connect data and your Intuitions.

Built for Ag Business

Ag Input is always the BIG decision. The best gift to farmers is to support him with right decisions. Our Network of Field Force and Agro Retailers Does it for you!



Driving Sales through Field Force
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Driving Sales through Retailers
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Interesting? Just drop an email to admin@kisangates.com to know!